Photo of Drew Hanson

Rev. Drew Hanson


First Presbyterian Church is excited to announce that Drew will be serving as our pastor starting in May 2018.  Please join us in church to welcome him and his wife Cassie!


Director of Music
Allen Thomas



Office Assistant
Karen Keenan


Children's Director
Sherry Dalton

Photo of Brenda Fernandez

 Interim Youth Co-Director
Brenda Fernandez

Interim Youth Co-Director
Steve Fitzgerald

Our Elders
2018 Josh Archambault
  Risa Barnett
  Paul Douglass
  Duncan Parker
  Martha McMahon (Clerk of Session)
2019 Vicki Karns
  Linda Peterson
2020 Ashley Lynch-Mahoney
    Chukwu Oji
  Carolyn Thompson
Our Deacons
2018 Chris Barnett
  Chimwemwe Clarke
2019 Fred Malczuk
  Glo Murray
  Melissa Pillone
2020 Patsy Lynch
Carol Maver
Christopher Nana   

All of our leaders are committed to serve our church family. The elders and deacons meet once a month, and all meetings are open to anyone interested in attending. In addition, every leader is available for you to approach with a question, a need, or just for someone to connect with.

Regularly Scheduled Events

Session Meetings
Every fourth Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Deacons Meetings
Every fourth Tuesday at 7 p.m.