Church Forms

Below are a number of links to forms that are often used in our church life. If you need to request space for a class, event, building use, or if you are planning an event in the life of the church, please use the "Event and Building Use Request Form."  If you need to file an expense report, please select the "Voucher Form."  For a committee's minutes sheet, please select the "Minutes Form."

PCUSA Material

First Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church USA. There are two important documents that inform our beliefs and church set-up. These are not replacements for the Scriptures but are tools that the church has found useful in keeping us tied to the Scriptures. The first is the Book of Order, which documents the constitution of the PCUSA. The second is the Book of Confessions, which includes the creeds, catechisms, and statements that keep us grounded in and tied to the Bible.