Mission Vision:
We believe that stewardship is part of discipleship. It is a call to follow Jesus and his way of life. A Christian steward is one who understands that all gifts, whether time, talent or treasure, are from God. We believe that we are called to share God's gifts in justice and love with others, in our church and in the world.

Mission Statement:

The Stewardship Committee seeks to equip members of our church family with the tools, knowledge, and biblical understanding of how to manage their finances so that they may become faithful stewards, freed from debt and free to generously share the gifts that God has given them.


The Stewardship Triple Challenge was a hit!

In our efforts to see how far we could stretch $10, we took a trip to Haymarket and learned a great deal about how to be good stewards of what we have been given. Making $10 go further leaves more money in our bank accounts so that we have more opportunities to give and share what we have been blessed with. Stewardship would like to thank those who took part in our Triple Challenge and encourage them to continue to seek ways to use wisely what they have been given. 

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